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From Clinton at 5% in Nov. 91

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I'm going to leave this with the appeals to fundraising included. I mean, the admirable chutzpah beautifully implicit in the Subject: heading of this email from the Graham campaign (and posted as the title above) is going to be sorely needed by this country in the rather tryin' times ahead. If Senator Graham (cracker)'s campaign is to remembered at all it'll be for that chutzpah-- and what IMHO is the best campaign email of 2004. Ever.

From : Bob Graham <>

To :
Subject : Clinton at 5% in Nov. 91
Date : Tue, 16 Sep 2003 20:36:32 -0400

Can Bob Graham Win?
Consider some historical poll numbers.

In October of 1975, Jimmy Carter was at 1% in Iowa polls. He beat all other candidates in the Iowa caucuses with 27.6% of the vote.
In October of 1983, Gary Hart was at 6 percent in New Hampshire polls. In January of 1984, he was at 7% in NH polls. Hart won the NH primary with 37.3% of the vote.
In November of 1991, Bill Clinton was at 5% in New Hampshire polls. He came in a strong second place in the NH primary with 25% of the vote.
One of the current Democratic candidates had the audacity to boast that hes was the frontrunner with just 16% of the vote. In short, the race is wide open, and you can really make a difference by getting involved in our campaign.


High Praise for Performance in Democratic Debate
Senator Graham is winning high praise for his strong, steady performance in last weeks Congressional Black Caucus debate in Baltimore, where he stressed his experience and leadership skills and his Opportunity for All economic plan. Peruse the reviews. View his closing comments in Windows Media Player or Real Player.


Friends of Bob
Senator Graham is a serious man. He's running a serious campaign, dealing with serious issues. And he's one of the Democratic candidates who deserves serious consideration. And there's one other thing Democrats should consider and Republicans should fear. Unlike this president, Bob Graham has demonstrated an ability to win Florida. -- James Carville, CNN's Crossfire, July 28, 2003

"Bob Graham has a quality that I would describe as relentlessly intelligent." -- Mario Cuomo, The New York Observer, May 27, 2003

"Bob Graham, he starts with more electoral votes than any other candidate. At one level, politics is a very practical thing. Bob is strong on national security. He's got a good national reputation." -- Former Senator Bob Kerrey (D-NE), Charlie Rose Show, April 17, 2003

He's very thoughtful, solid. He's not flashy, that's what I like about him. I'm tired of People magazine-type candidates" -- Iowa Democratic Sen. Harkin (Associated Press, September 4, 2003)


Dialogue with Senator Graham, activists, volunteers, and the staff on the Graham Blog. Notice that former Dean and Kerry supporters are coming over to Bobs side!

With your help we can make sure Bob Graham keeps working for all of America. Please take a moment and make a contribution to the Bob Graham for President Campaign. We are approaching the end of the third quarter, and the amount of money we raise will determine in part how seriously the mainstream media takes us.

Please contribute NOW by clicking here


Become A Bobcat!
FATCAT supporters of George W. Bush are likely to raise more than $200 million for his re-election campaign. Our campaign will not rely on fat cat contributors to win this race. We need our own cats, BobCats -- friends of Bob that can raise $1000 from their friends, family and co-workers, whether it be $20 at a time or $200. Become a BOBCAT NOW! We can beat Bush with a broad-based grassroots movement of donations from BOBCATS and their friends.


Senator Bob Graham
Democrat of Florida
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